Extra marital affair attack sends woman to Jail in the Solomon Islands

 A MOTHER of five has been sentenced to seven months in prison yesterday for assaulting her cousin sister who had an extra marital affair with her husband.

Hana Mangale, 39, had pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful wounding during a court circuit in Yandina in Russell Islands, Central Islands Province of Solomon Islands  recently.

Principal Magistrate Leonard Chite told Mangale that although the court condone or did not accept marital affairs, her actions to hit a mangrove stick against her cousin sister on that day was illegal.

He told the defendant that she should instead explore other proper avenues such as in terms of custom or church to sort out the issues.

“I understand the hurt or pain in your heart after your husband confessed to you,” Magistrate Chite said.

He said because of what the defendant did, it had led her to court and to face sentence.

“It will affect your children who will need your love, care and presence at home.”

Magistrate Chite then advised the defendant to take this as a hard lesson and once released from prison to show a good example to children so that when they grow up they don’t see fighting as a way to solve problem.

On 15 January this year, Mangale approached the victim who had just returned from another area with a one meter dead mangrove stick in her hand.

She talked over an issue with the victim where her husband confessed to her that he had an extra martial affair with the victim.

The defendant was not happy about it and then hit the victim’s head with the mangrove stick.

The stick landed on the left side of the victim’s head. 

The defendant strikes the stick again and fortunately the stick landed the victim’s hand.

Magistrate Chite told the court that the medical report stated the victim is likely to suffer from meningitis because of the wound on her head.

He added the victim also suffered three stitches on her head she received after attending the Yandina Clinic.

The court had heard that the defendant had since then reconciled with the victim where she gave her a traditional money worth $500 and food worth at $300.

A starting point of 12 months was imposed.

Magistrate Chite added another eight months to reflect the aggravating factors bringing the total sentence to 18 months.

He then reduced 11 months to reflect the mitigating factors.

One of the mitigating factors Magistrate Chite considered as the strongest one was of the defendant being a mother of five children.

The youngest was only 3 years old.

The seven months jail term was ordered to be back dated to when the defendant was first remanded in custody.


Source: Solomon star

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