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Love affair ends in death

A MAN who caught his wife having an affair with another man was allegedly stabbed to death by her lover last week at 4-Mile in Lae.
Police could not be reached to confirm the incident yesterday.
But a relative of the husband from Nipa in Southern Highlands claimed the incident happened after he caught his wife having sex with the man, alleged to be one of her two lovers. 
Alus Pip said the stabbing took place when the lover was trying to escape from the scene and stabbed the husband Teyal Somna, 26, from Nipa, in the chest with a hunting knife.
Pip said Somna stumbled outside with the knife still lodged in his chest and died minutes later. 
The incident reportedly happened between 2am and 3am on Wednesday at the home of the wife’s parents who live at 4-Mile settlement outside Lae.
Teacher John Pundia, who travelled from Nipa over the weekend, said Somna’s wife, her mother and the lover were in Lae police custody.  
Somna’s relatives gathered where the incident took place and agreed to look for a peaceful settlement with the relatives of the wife and the murder suspect.

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