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Solomon Island Capital Honiara hit by flood

Honiar: Solomon Star: MUCH of Honiara city was on Thursday inundated as flash floods swept in as a result of heavy downpour which persisted over the past consecutive days.

China Town was hard hit when Mataniko River bursts its banks, weeding out anything that stands in her way.

At around 3pm yesterday, the river rose to incredible heights and pushed outward, sweeping homes from Tuvaruhu, Vara Creek, Koa Hill, Number 3, and Mamanawata.

One eye witness from Number 3 Paul Lega said it happened very fast.

“I don’t know, people thought the River would just rise and probably rescinded. But it kept coming and rising, leaving no time for some families to escape.

“It was sad, but I witnessed a mother and two children swept away in their home. The current was too strong.”

The swept homes and debris rested at the old Mataniko Bridge and at around 3:30pm, the river spilled into China Town.

Water pushed in as far as the George Wu Shop.

Many shops at China Town were all submerged by then.

Before China Town could all drown, the old bridge could no longer bear the pressure and match the strength of the mauling current.

The bridge snapped, allowing the River to flow freely much to the relief of some Chinese shop owners who refused to leave their inundated shops.

The water flowing through China Town rescinded quickly but one shop Rainbow was already emptied.

The Lunga River on the other hand spilled into the low lying areas inundating homes and food gardens.

Other parts of the city including Rove and White River were also inundated.

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