PNG Defence Force to increase its numbers up to 5000 personnel over three years

PNG Defence Force will be increased to 5,000 members by 2017, according to chief of personnel Col Mark Goina. 
“The force has about 2,538 personnel and with the current recruitment exercise going on that number will increase,” Goina said on the FM100 radio talkback programme yesterday.
He was accompanied by PNGDF commander Brig-Gen Francis Agwi (pictured) and other senior officers.
“By the end of 2013 our plan is to recruit 230 new personnel with the number expected to increase to 2,718 personnel,” Goina said. 
“In 2014, the number will increase by another 660 coming into the force at an attritional rate of 50% each year  leading to the ultimate figure of 5,000 by year 2017.
“Out of the 5,000, 1,000 of them will serve as reservists while 4,000 will be regular forces. 12% of the total number will be female officers with a figure of 600 women cadets to be recruited.”
Agwi said the repatriation and remuneration of ex-servicemen “is not a quick fix issue”. 
“At the moment the matter of the ex-service men are with their lawyers in courts and let them take it there to the courts and only the courts will decide. 
“Until the court decides then we stand ready to assist them on whatever the outcome of the court decision on their cases,” he said.

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