President Obama’s ambulance runs out of gas near the White House

In an embarrassing situation for the White House, the ambulance that accompanies president Obama ran out of gas and stayed behind.

The incident is just the latest blow to the reputation of the Washington D.C. ambulance fleet. City firefighters confirmed that the presidential ambulance had to be taken out of service, while on duty at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"The ambulance apparently ran out of gas, but a replacement unit was later put in place,” fire department spokesperson Tim Wilson said.

Wilson said he could not confirm that the ambulance was on duty, but sources close to the president said that the ambulance was part of Obama’s motorcade when it became disabled.

Medic 1: Getty Images
The operator of Medic 1 indicated that the fuel gauge was broken and the driver was uncertain how much gas was left in the vehicle. They also said that the operator had previously documented the problem.

Wilson said that an internal investigation was launched to determine if the vehicle was properly maintained.
"To my knowledge, prior to this incident, there was no report of any problem with the fuel gauge," he said.

Medic 1 responsibilities include responding to emergency calls at the White House and traveling with the presidential motorcade.


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