Retired policeman dies during fight in PNG

A RETIRED policeman was killed while trying to stop a fight last Sunday afternoon.
Alphonse Krau, from Tarawai Island in East Sepik, was brutally attacked at Gerehu, NCD. 
He was a former police officer and was a recent manager for licences and enforcement with Security Industries Authority of which the police commissioner is the chairman. The body is responsible for all security agencies in the country. He is the father of journalist Dominic Krau.
According to Perou N’Dranoh, Supt operations of NCD, a fight erupted between two neighbours tat Gerehu 3b and some Central people.
“At around 2pm, the small fight got out of hand and the Central people went back to stage six at Gerehu and returned with a truckload of people. As they were driving into stage 3b, they bumped and ran over a woman who was walking nearby. Then they went in and started attacking people with bush knives.
“The son of the deceased had gone to the neighbour’s house to see what was going on and was then attacked,” N’Dranoh said.
“His hand was severely chopped  and that’s when the father (deceased) came out, hoping that he would stop the fight as a leader of the community in that area. However, they brutally attacked him with a bush knife, resulting in his death.”
Two suspects were apprehended on Monday night and are now in police custody. 
N’Dranou said they would be charged with wilful murder and causing grievous bodily harm.
The son, Eddy Krau, and the woman who had been hit by the vehicle are now recovering at the Port Moresby General hospital.
Police investigations are continuing to round up others involved.

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