Gang turn to God

A NOTORIOUS gang that operated in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, in the past 12 years has turned away from its evil ways and has pledged to walk the straight and narrow path her on.
The 17 member gang, in a tearful surrender ceremony staged at the Ino’ongka primary school in the Famo LLG area in Kainantu, promised not to return to its criminal ways.
Gang leader Wilson Siron wept after they laid down their weapons.
He was later led to the nearby river and was baptised in the presence of locals, church pastors and their congregation and Kainantu police officers.
Ps Kipps Nick of The Voice of the Apostolic Restoration Ministry who took the lead in the initiation of the surrender said, the change that is happening and the surrender of the gang indicates that God is in control.

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