PNG eyes launching own satellite by 2018

 PNG PUBLIC Enterprises and State Investment Minister Ben Micah said PNG should launch its own satellite by 2018 while a new communication policy before the government should regulate mobile phones and the use of social media in the country.
Micah made his remarks to buttress comments made by Communication Minister Jimmy Miringtoro in reply to queries from NCD Governor Powes Parkop. He asked if the government had plans to improve the government-owned Kundu 2 network coverage and content and if there were also plans to corporatise it to deliver quality services to the people and to be competitive.
He also asked if the government had any plans to launch its own satellite as there were plans by the former prime minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and if there were ways the government could regulate the use of mobile phones and social media in PNG for security reasons.
Micah said the current leasing arrangement for satellites was too costly, resulting in the users paying exorbitant fees.
He also said that former police minister Nixon Duban had worked on a legislation to regulate mobile phones and social media and asked the prime minister to look into the issue and bring the law to regulate them.
Meanwhile, Miringtoro admitted that the television station lacked financial support although a total funding of K27 million was approved by the former government under Somare.
He said NBC only received K9 million and could not roll out the network and improve it coverage and content.

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