Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has urged the government to review Section 145 of the Constitution that supports Freedom of Religion in Papua New Guinea.

Naru said the constitution challenges Christian faiths in the country.
At the Swearing In ceremony of the thirty-three new LLG Presidents on Thursday, Governor Naru chose the occasion to express his views on the work of Christian churches in the province.

He told the people that he is cautious about Section 145 of PNG’s Constitution that speaks about Freedom of Religion in Papua New Guinea.

“Should we allow Section 145 to remain as it is so that the Freedom of Religion is practised by all including Christian,” said Naru.

The Morobe Provincial Government has been incorporating the work of churches within the provincial government by giving one-tenth of its internal revenue to Christian churches in the province.

Governor Naru has raised concerns over outside pressure that will most likely be influenced by non-Christian faiths.

“Under the guides of the Freedom of Religion concept, all sought of religions are coming in,” Naru said.

“We Christians are a minority in the world practicing Christianity…there are bigger religious populous powers in the world than Christians.

“Such religions like Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others are the religions that can be introduced in PNG because Section 145 of the Constitution allows them to so,” he said.

The constitution has been one of the concerns raised by churches in Lae.

In past two months, church organisations have been outspoken about proposed changes to the constitution. And, they have support suggestions to ban non-Christian faiths.

Their call has received equal opposition by the Morobe Provincial Government.

Some blame has also been levelled against the Asylum Centre Deal. Many Christian churches around the country are saying the agreement must just open up entry for people from non-Christian backgrounds.

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