Cheap Imports worries PNG's Morobe Governor

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru is concerned about the import of cheap chicken from Australia.
He told Parliament that the local poultry industry had been badly affected by the cheap chicken imported from Australia.
He said the imports were slowly killing local poultry industries in Papua New Guinea.
Minister for Trade and Industry Richard Maru said the problem was that local poultry industries did not produce their own chicken feed to compete with international markets.
“We don’t grow wheat in PNG to produce our own chicken feeds,” Maru said.
Maru said the focus should be on producing our own chicken feed using crops produced locally such as sweet potato.
“I have held talks with the National Agricultural Research Institute to carry out research and try to make sweet potato a chicken feed,” Maru said.
“By doing so, we can encourage our local poultry farmers to produce more chicken to meet the rising demand.”
He said the country was importing chicken feed which was very costly

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