PNG MP wants Social Media regulated

A GOVERNMENT minister has suggested that all internet service providers (ISPs) in the country be regulated.
Education and Finance Minister James Marape it should be compulsory for all online media to have their owners’ addresses attached. 
That will ensure that the owners are  subject to defamation laws in the country. 
Marape was contributing to the debate on the compulsory registration of Subscriber Identification Modules (SIM) cards introduced to the House by Communication and Information Technology Minister Jimmy Miringtoro.
Marape said some internet users were abusing  freedom of speech and expression by hiding behind pseudonyms.  
“You can’t just walk into one foreign country and hide behind a computer and write up everything you want to write about without facts,” he said.
“Communication must come with elements of responsibility. While men and women sit behind computers and use the cover of freedom of speech, freedom speech is a qualified right. 
“Your qualification in the speech must be substantive and must be based on facts.”
He said the Government was not stopping people from exercising their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
He said many people were using pseudonyms on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and blog sites to raise all sorts of allegations especially against politicians. 
Public Enterprise and State Investments Minister Ben Micah said the information technology and communication sector played a role in driving the economy.  Pacific Flash/The National

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