Woman killed, dumped in PNG

A WOMAN was killed and her naked body dumped in bushes near a settlement in Lae last Friday, police say.
Police are yet to confirm whether she was sexually assaulted before being killed in the early hours of Friday at 15 Block in Kamkumung. 
Lae police metropolitan commander Iven Lakatani yesterday said the woman had a knife wound on her shoulder and an arrow on her chest.
“Police are investigating the death. Once witnesses are identified and interviewed, we will learn of what happened,” Lakatani said. 
The killing followed an incident two weeks ago in which the security guard of a construction company was allegedly killed and later run over by a vehicle to make it look like an accident.
Police said relatives of the woman were yet to identify her.
“Residents there (15 Block) could not identify her, meaning that she must be a resident of another place,” Lakatani said.
A suspicious death was reported in Butibum village on Sunday.
Police said a 24-year-old man was found dead by villagers with an electric cord tied around his neck.
Lakatani said the man was earlier seen drinking with friends.
“We are treating this as a suspicious death and police are investigating,” Lakatani said.
Meanwhile, police have appealed to people to be security conscious when moving around in the city.
He said men and women could become targets for criminals. 
“People must respect each other. They must respect other people’s properties too,” Lakatani said. 


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