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Cattle in accident in Papua New Guinea

NINE cows being transported from Markham in Morobe Province to Wabag in Enga were the unfortunate victims of a fatal accident that resulted in their deaths. The sad demise of the dairy milk bringing passengers was the result of a mechanical error that caused the truck carrying the cows to swerve uncontrollably. Eyewitnesses from Koronigle in Chimbu’s Kerowagi District where the accident occurred said that the driver of the truck jumped out of the moving vehicle and landed unhurt in the grass just as the truck ran off the road slamming hard into a drain before lodging off the highway. Of the 12 cows that were being transported, nine died and 3 escaped badly hurt. The tribesmen of the nearby villages of Kombuku and Wauga told this paper that they were saddened by the accident, admitting that many of them cried when they saw the lifeless bodies of the fully grown cows. The dislodged vehicle was pushed back onto the road by the villagers who said that it was the first time a vehicle had came off the highway at that particular spot. 

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