Pethidine shortage in the Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands through its main hospitals is reportedly experiencing a shortage in pain killer known as Pethidine.

Sources close to the Solomon Star said the pain reliever ran out of stock for sometimes now and which restricted nurses and doctors from carrying out some of their operations.

According to medical dictionary this particular medication is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

“It works on the nerves and brain to reduce the pain you feel. It is particularly useful for treating pain associated with child birth and can also be used to ease pain before, during and after an operation.”

At the main Gizo hospital, the shortage of the pain killer is being experienced, according to reports reaching the paper.

Last week a mother who visited the dental clinic at Gizo to have her teeth fixed was unable to do so after she was told that there are no pain killer.

She told the paper from Gizo over the weekend that as result nurses and doctors there could not pull out her aching teeth.

She was given another medication to reduce pain and infection while waiting for the pain reliever to arrive before an operation can be conducted.

“I was told to visit the hospital next week once the pain killers arrive,” she told the paper while referring to what the nurses had told her.

However the source doubts that pain killer will be available at the Gizo hospital next week.

“This is because at the National Referral Hospital similar shortage is being experienced for sometimes now,” the source said.

Attempts to get comments from the national medical store or the pharmacy yesterday proved unsuccessful.

Solomon Star

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