Villagers attack policemen on patrol, smash vehicles in PNG

POLICE have arrested a group of men from Wanbia village in Tari, Hela, Papua New Guinea who attacked two police officers and damaged two police vehicles.
Acting assistant police commissioner in the highlands region, Martin Lakari said a group of officers were on their normal road patrol when the Wanbia villagers celebrating the New Year yesterday attacked them in the vehicles.
He said two officers were seriously injured while others suffered minor cuts and bruises.
Lakari said the villagers smashed the windows of the vehicles, including the windscreens.
He said police officers later went to the village and arrested some men. 
He said they were locked up at the Tari police station.
“This is a criminal act and those involved would face the full force of the law,” he said.
Lakari said the men had no respect for police and what they were doing to maintain order in the province.
“Other people in the highlands region celebrated the New Year peacefully,” he said.
“I don’t know why these people didn’t do the same.”
He said New Year celebrations in other parts of the region were peaceful.
Lakari said most people celebrated in their homes.
“This clearly shows that the people want to change and want to live a good life,” he said.

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