Solomon Islands just like Jamaica

Honiara -Solomon Star : Members of the visiting group band from Jamaica, Inner Circle said they are keen to return to the country in the future.
Speaking to local media and VIP guests at a press conference on Sunday at the Heritage Park hotel, the band’s drummer Lancelot said their coming back depends entirely on the promoters and the crowd’s feedback.
Just like other visiting bands from Jamaica, the band members said Solomon Islands is very much like Jamaica.
“This is home.
“We are all islanders.”
The group said the people here reminded them of Jamaica.
When asked if how many albums they have recorded so far, they said they have stopped recording a long time ago, but are constantly making music as they own a recording studio.
They said put out their singles online as music had changed nowadays when people need music they can get it online unlike the past where people are listening to records and CDs.
After the conference, they mingled with the VIP and invited guests, taking pictures before preparing to go on stage.
The six member band put on a live performance on Sunday night after local artists Jah Boy, 56 Hop Rod and Da Band added flavor to the evening’s entertainment at the Heritage hotel car park.
The show that lasted more than three hours was jam packed with local and overseas fans who enjoyed the evening with the band.
The group arrived on Sunday afternoon and left on Monday for Papua New Guinea for a similar show.

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