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PNG Acting Police Commisioner Geoffrey Vaki explains the suspension of Tom Eluh

Port Moresby: PNG Acting Police Commissioner, Goeffrey Vaki, said that the suspension of Assistant Commissioner of Police Tom Eluh, was made after disrespecting him in front of other police officers.

Vaki said the perception that Eluh was suspended to remove him from the Paul Paraka case is not true, but because Eluh behaved disgracefully when he argued with the Commissioner on June 16th.

He said the argument took place in the office of the Deputy Police Commissioner Operations when Vaki wanted to get all senior officers and directors for a meeting.

“After trying to get their attendance here (conference room) I walked across to see them and there they were in the office and when I looked around I could see a lot of hostile faces,” said Vaki.

“Before I could inform them that I wanted them down at the conference room, Eluh became very boisterous.”

“He rose from his chair, banged his hands on the table, pointed his fingers two inches from my face and said you should leave, you have’nt even asked us what the investigations are all about, you’ve just come in and Mr Vaki your appointment is very suspicious.”

Vaki said no where in the world would you see a Commissioner being talked to like that by officers below him.

He said that’s not the essence of a disciplined organization and that orders must be complied with.

Vaki said Eluh was a good friend and brother and he knew him very  well. But the behaviour he showed was unbecoming of a police officer.

He said however, regardless of what he or other officers feel, he has been appointed the Acting Commissioner. And if there were any grievances then they should put a formal complaint through pen and paper.

“If you feel aggrieved then you can put it in writing.”

But Vaki says he has no grudges against any of the senior police officers in the force but will only enforce command and control.

Vaki stated that Eluh committed an act of insubordination breaching the code of ethics and is therefore liable to face normal disciplinary charges under the Police Force Act.

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