Man jailed 11 years for raping disabled woman in PNG

A MAN who raped a disabled woman whose family he was living with has been sent to jail for 11 years.
The National Court in Madang sentenced Stanley Talad, 26, to 11 years hard labour at the Beon Prison.
Talad 26, from Finschhafen, Morobe admitted raping the 17-year-old early last year. 
He was living with her family at the time. The court was told that the woman had gone to have bath nearby when Talad assaulted her.  She could not raise the alarm.
Justice David Cannings said the maximum penalty for rape was 15 years but reduced it to 11 because Talad had pleaded guilty and showed remorse for his action.
He took into consideration that there were less aggravating factors in the matter and Talad had no prior convictions.
Talad asked for leniency, saying he had been kept in custody for one year and five months.
Cannings deducted the 17 months already spent in custody, meaning that Talad will only serve nine years and seven months.

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