Jealous hubby hacks wife to death over phone call in PNG

AN INNOCENT mobile phone conversation bet-ween a woman and her caller was tragically interrupted by a jealous husband who had been eavesdropping in Southern Highlands Province recently in Papua New Guinea.

The 26-year-old mother of one, identified as Wendy Nelson from Beneria, Hela Province, was hacked to death by her husband who suspected she was on the mobile phone with her lover.

According to Southern Highlands police commander Sipron Pipoto, the attack happened on May 24, between 12.30pm and 2pm in Mendi town.

The two were at their home when Nelson received a call on her mobile phone and was chatting with someone over the phone.

The husband suspected her of having an affair with someone over the phone and argued with his wife.

The jealous husband then pulled out an axe and chopped his wife on the head. Nelson died instantly after excessive bleeding, commander Pipoto said.

He said the husband, Senis Kengai, from Wass village in the Karinge LLG in Mendi-Munihu district, fled the family home but was caught by his tribesmen who handed him to Mendi police.

Commander Pipoto said killing somebody over a mere phone conversation was barbaric, a rare thing in the province.

He commended the prompt effort by Mendi-Munihu district administrator James Embiap and the community leaders for engaging the community in apprehending the suspect and brining him to the hands of the law.

"This is a good example of community partnership with police in combating law and order issues in the province," Mr Pipoto said.

"Usually, the community reports incidents to police and expect police to do the rest in arresting and detaining suspects involved but in this case, the community made a citizen’s arrest and handed the husband over to the police.

"This was a highly commendable effort," he added.

He said police often lack logistics and resources to hunt down and arrest suspects in remote parts of the Highlands and it often took months before the suspects were arrested.

source:Post COurier

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