Samoa police raid uncovers weapons, drugs and cash

The police in Samoa have uncovered drugs, illegal weapons and cash in a raid in a house near the capital Apia.

Four people have been arrested and are facing several criminal charges.

The police also found equipment suspected of being used in manufacturing methamphetamine in the raid on a family home at Afiamalu.

The Police Commissioner, Egon Keil, says he's sure there's more illicit material out there and his main concern is the safety of Samoans and visitors.

"If there's drugs, there's weapons. With that combination it's very deadly. It's something that needs to be addressed and it has to be addressed swiftly and that's what the Samoan police will do."

Egon Keil.

Several weeks ago police confiscated a container shipped from the United States found to have contained ingredients for manufacturing methamphetamine or ice.

Unlawful weapons were also found in the container and a man has been charged in relation to the shipment.
Radio New Zealand International

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