Man kills lover in Madang after being caught by wife

A father of two in Madang  Papua New Guinea is on the run after brutally murdering a woman alleged to be his lover.

The killing which occurred at Malala on the North Coast of Madang province follows a dispute that broke out on Sunday afternoon between the alleged killer and his wife.

According to Madang Police Constabulary Patrol Officer Jacob Sawai who was the first authority to reach the Malala area, the victim, one Nancy Runi had been stabbed three times using a small carving knife after attempting to intervene in the marital argument.

Eye witnesses said the dispute happened in broad daylight at the Malala market junction and was evidently about an extra marital affair that the alleged killer had been having with the deceased victim.

Officer Sawai told Post Courier Online that eye witnesses reported seeing the victim walking up to the couple sympathizing with the disgruntled wife shouting at the alleged killer in frustration over apparently being lied to.

“The victim was then charged at by the man who produced a knife from inside his trouser pocket and began stabbing her.

“Most of the market people did not realize he was stabbing her and thought he was punching her…only after she began bleeding did he stop and run into the heavily forested area of Malala’s back country,” said Officer Sawai.

The name of the perpetrator and his wife have been frosted for legal reasons but according to Malala Community leader Marcus Manasa, the killing is one of the most horrific incidents that has ever occurred in the area.

He further added that the alleged murderer was a respectable person whose action has shocked the community.

“He killed his lover in frustration or anger of being caught which is a shame as he was such a good member of the community,” said Mr Manase.

Madang Police are currently working to bring the killer to justice.

SOurce: Post Coureir

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