Knight: Rape case is not solved at Manus Asylum Center

Manus Open Member Ronny Knight is calling on the National Government to seriously look into ensuring Australians operating the Regional Processing Centre comply with all PNG Laws.

Knight says although Manusians are happy with what the Australian government has done in terms of development, the concerns about benefits and social issues remain to date.

One of the concerns voiced is the investigation by police on the allegations of rape of a young local woman.

Knight says they have been informed the case has been taken off Manus police and given to police in Port Moresby to handle.

Manus Provincial Police Commander Alex N’drasel is now being transferred to another province.

He says police promised to have the expatriates involved in the incident flown back into the country but that has not happened in months.

Mid this year three expatriates, all from Australia have been accused of sexually assaulting a local female employee at the Processing Centre.

The woman reportedly told police she was given pills and sexually assaulted.

“Papua New Guineans who are suspects in such allegations in Australia will be facing the full force of their laws, now why can’t we enforce our laws on these people?”

The woman involved is understood to have told police she can identify the men.

Knight says they want police and the Government to take immediate action on this case.

Other issues of concern raised were:
•    Dumping of waste from the Processing Centre
•    Sealing of road from Lorengau to Momote Airport
•    Occupation of the Lombrum Naval base
•    Salary and wages of local employees
•    Resettlement of Asylum seekers granted refugee status

Knight emphasised that if their issues are not addressed by the Government before the New Year his people will take matters into their own hands.

In a conference today Knight says he was approached by groups of landowners of Los Negros island, village leaders, and even military service men to raise their concerns about several issues surrounding the operation of the processing Centre.

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