Wife takes Husband to court for circulating "intimate acts’

A man is facing criminal charges after he was charged for circulating footage of him and his wife’s intimate acts that he recorded without her consent in October 2010.

The man appeared at the Waigani District Court after his wife laid a complaint with police.

He was arrested late last month and charged with knowingly and without lawful excuse publicly exhibiting his performance with another person (his wife).

The couple (names withheld) have been married for eight years and have two children.

The wife, who is the complainant, reported the matter to police in Port Moresby on November 29 after she was given a copy of the video by a family member.

The court heard that on the night that the video was recorded, the woman had not consented to have their intimate acts recorded.

The video was recorded in a hotel in Port Moresby and had allegedly gone viral in the Highlands region when the woman found out it was circulating.

It is alleged she was threatened by her husband with a knife when she realised that her husband’s laptop’s video camera was recording them.

It is also alleged that he said he would delete the footage however that did not happen. .

Investigations are ongoing and the man will return to court at a later date. Source: Loop PNG

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