Teenaged girl gang raped in Nipa, PNG

POLICE say a teenaged girl was allegedly raped by four men near her home at Komia village in Nipa-Kutubu district, Southern Highlands, PNG, The National Newspaper reports
Southern Highlands police commander Superintendent Sibron Popoto branded the suspects as “animals and not human beings”.
He said police responded quickly and arrested the suspects at Sowi village.
Papoto said the suspects, aged between 21 and 25 from Sowi, went to her village at Komia, allegedly grabbed her and raped her at the back of her house.
“Two other girls who were with her ran away into the bushes and later returned to their homes,” he said.
“These men have brains similar to those of animals.
“I am happy with the police for the quick action to apprehend them.
“These are bad weeds in society and need to be locked away.”
Papoto said in the past, criminals roamed around because of the lack of police presence. But today, about 15 police recruits were in the province and boosted manpower to fight crimes.
He warned girls to move around with their family members and relatives for their safety, especially during late hours.
Police also have arrested a man from Koare village in Nipa and charged him with arson.
Papoto said the suspect allegedly set a house on fire for unknown reasons then went into hiding. But police managed to find him.
Police have been praised by community leaders for their presence in Southern Highlands, resulting in a peaceful New Year operation.
Meanwhile, police in Ialibu, Southern Highlands were happy to carry out the New Year operations in the district after receiving new uniforms from the Ialibu Town Authority.
Town Mayor Jacob Iki allocated K13,000 from the law and order sector to purchase the uniforms.
Iki and law and order chairman Turu Tingi and the councillors presented the uniforms which included caps, shirts, trousers, shoes, belts and ranks to Ialibu police station commander Inspector Mack Hanema. The National

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